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About L2C 

L2C offers a range of free resources for all refugees of all ages. Our main aim is to help and encourage refugees to integrate, and help then reach their goals, by spreading God’s love.

How We Help

At L2C we examine what contributes to positive coping and what facilitates the integration of refugees in Switzerland.

The founder's doctorate provides scientific analysis in  how displacement affects relationships, culture and coping

We identify how the interrelated issues of coping, culture, and relationships influence integration.

L2Cs' mission is to help refugees with major life themes in integration, coping, culture, and relationships in Switzerland.We do this by focusing on understanding what contributes to refugees’ integration, and coping skills, and how adaptation is facilitated in the context of resettlement

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Young Black man sitting at table enjoying learning English language at school for immigran

Our Mission

L2C’s aim is to support, encourage and teach refugees in various ways, and we do so because we want to help refugees integrate and feel comfortable in their new environment.

The founder's Doctorate in Psychology focuses on refugee integration, culture and relationships

Our aim at L2C is to help others as Christians, for we believe that we should bless others with what we have been given.

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Our Vision

Here at L2C, we are driven to do our part in making the world a better place.

Since 2019, we have taken part in a wide range of activities that empower individuals and communities.
We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits.
Are you ready to join us and create real transformation in the lives of so many?

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